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Gay Therapy in San Francisco

  • Do you wonder “Will I ever be happy in a relationship?”
  • Tough break up causing you pain?
  • Do the same issues keep coming up in your relationships?
  • Feeling anxious or depressed?

If you are dealing with these issues, you are not alone. Every day I help gay men and women build better lives and break free from deeply ingrained patterns. If you long for a healthy relationship that doesn’t constantly cause pain, I can help.

With an interactive and practical approach, we will work through your issues so that you can experience more satisfying relationships and a happier life. Expanding your ability for self acceptance will be a core focus of our work together. Guiding you on the path to self understanding, I will help you move through the places where you are stuck.

This process will help you improve all of your relationships, including your most important relationship—the relationship you have with you.

While I work with clients on a wide range of issues that they bring to therapy, the following are areas where I have in-depth experience and training in helping clients make significant progress.

Individual Psychotherapy

I offer results-oriented therapy that can help you:

Grow self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-compassion

Build healthy, loving relationships and friendships

Take care of your needs in relationships and in life

Feel comfortable in social settings

Achieve your goals without being mean to yourself

Let go of inner homophobia

Learn to love yourself and your body

Couples Counseling

I help couples at all stages of relationships to:

Communicate in ways that let you feel closer

Resolve conflict and stop the cycle of fighting

Let go of old resentments

Improve your sex life

Recover from lies and affairs

Get past defensiveness

Navigate open relationships or monogamy

The Inner Critic

One important step to feeling better is to reduce the power of the inner critic. I have specialized training to help you free yourself of this nearly universal problem. The critic causes many of us to fear failure and to constantly worry about the judgments of others. It undermines your courage to change, to be creative, and to enjoy your life. It doesn’t allow you to take in all the good feelings that people have about you.

I can help you disengage from the Critic and live a freer life with less anxiety and more joy.

Take the self-survey on the power of your own Inner Critic.

I can help you build a better life.
Call me at 415-255-4266, email me, or schedule online to set up a free phone consultation or your first office visit.

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